Social Stamping – Making Sunshine


Why hello there, crafty friends. I hope, as always, you are all safe and well, and keeping up with your crafting therapy.

I love that the theme this week for Social Stamping is “sunshine”. There are lots of ways to interpret this and I can’t wait to see what everyone has made this week (for a complete list of participants and a rundown on what Social Stamping is all about, please check out Kelly’s main post here). This week we have been very much enjoying the beautiful Autumn sunshine around here. I think May has become my favourite month of the year, weather-wise. The nights are cold, the days sunny and mild, the Autumn colour up here in the Perth hills is just divine, and the light has shifted and warmed and is just a photographer’s delight.


I totally set out this week to make a very literal interpretation of the sunshine theme for my card, and to make a card with sun rays and bright yellow and maybe even a rainbow or a cloud or two. But when I was perusing the old interwebs for inspiration I came across this amazing Large Never Ending Card by Karen Titus on You Tube. She made hers using the Share Sunshine digital release from Stampin’ Up! (this is how I found it when looking for “sunshine cards”) and the Ornate Garden DSP. It is an absolutely fabulous project. I have seen Never Ending or Impossible cards before and thought they were super cool but put them into my mental too hard basket. Ah, was I wrong about that. Maybe it was just how clearly Karen explained and showed it on her video but even in GIANT form it just seemed so easy!


I made my version using the Peaceful Poppies DSP, because I just love the patterns on that paper – especially the large scale ones – and I was super impressed by a mini-album my lovely teammate Joanne Gaff made a couple of weeks ago using this DSP and shared with us on our private team page (you all need to join me in nagging her to share it with everyone). I used my absolute favourite sheet for the front of the card and I was delighted with how perfectly the pattern fit when cut down to 5 3/4″ squares.


I mean, just look at those divine poppies!


I was going to add some sentiments into the card to make a big “I miss you” card but I was so enthralled with how good all the paper looked together I couldn’t bring myself to cover it up! My plan is now to use it as a mini-album and add photos to it from some special occasion. I just haven’t decided what photos to add yet!


Seriously, it is such a delight to just keep turning the pages and seeing more beautiful paper.


So I realise that sharing this as part of a “sunshine” themed hop is a bit of a stretch but it was my pursuit for sunshine that led me to this project. And you can imagine those beautiful poppies basking in a sunny field, can’t you??


I had my number one paper crafting assistant Heather help me to make this quick flip through to show you the card in action.


Next up is the ridiculously talented Bronwyn Eastley, who I’m certain will have an amazing take on the sunshine theme. Hop on over with me to check it out next.



Thanks for stopping by.


Keep calm, craft on, and wash your hands.





11 thoughts on “Social Stamping – Making Sunshine

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  2. What a cool card-so many twists and turns. It really does highlight that paper beautifully and I agree, a shame to cover it up. Adding this design to my “must try soon” basket!

  3. Jan McQueen

    Such a pretty use of the Poppy DSP, Siobhan! It would make for a perfect photo album for a special occasion. xx

  4. Sheila Pybus

    Your never ending card is amazing Siobhan, I am going to add this on my list of to-do items. You have highlighted the beautiful DSP with maximum effect. Well done to you and your assistant x

  5. sharnihaines

    Such a fun card! And well done for taking it on! I have tried this once..(not so good).lol. So I am very impressed!

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